Bristol Roofing Repairs

Roofing work

I have been fixing leaking roofs for in the bristol area for 8 years now. The symptoms are usually damp patches or just plain leaks with water coming through dripping through the ceiling. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms don't hesitate to get in touch to get your free no obligation quote and visit from me.

In order to fix your Roof I can carry out the following for you: 
  • Replace old roof tiles with new roof tiles
  • Replace underlying felt and battens with new felt and battens
  • Roof insulation under new felt
  • Lead work and roof valley servicing (widening and fixing of roof valleys)
  • Create an insulated Fiberglass flat roof 
  • Replace gutters soffits and fascias with new ones
  • Repair your chimney stack

Most roof leaks are a result of old or defective felt, battens, tiles or lead flashing on roof valleys. To highlight the impact that defective felt can have on a roof, simply take a look at the picture below which was taken from a Bristol roofing project (click to see it larger). Roof tiles can often mask the underlying problem of rotten felt, once the roof tiles were uncovered, the extend of the roof damage due to rotten felt was soon revealed.    

Roof maintenance as can be seen from the picture below involves replacing old and rotten felt and bettens with a new water tight breathable membrane and new battens. When the new protective layer is in place, the roof tiles are layered on top. This is a job I can undertake and give you a free estimate for. Feel free to contact me and I will promptly get back to you in the evening outside of property maintenance hours.  

Roofing repairs - [Click to view larger picture]

Roofing project in projress


The picture on the right is from another roofing project in progress highlighting some of the work that roof work caninvolve. 

Old coping stones are replaced with new ones, and a newbreathable membrane is layed which protects from water leaks. New battens placed on top of the membrane, and new roof tiles are placed on top ofthe battens. Leadwork is done on the edges of tiles and chimney stacksto ensure that the roof is water tight.  


Roof work after

The image to the left is the same roof as pictured right above and was taken upon completion from a different angle. 

I can carry out extensive repair work on your roof, replace itcompletely, or subject to a free assessment replace portions of it thatneed to be repaired. I will repair leaking roofs, replace roof tilesand perform general maintenance work in your roof. You will receive adurable leak proof construction to enjoy for the years to come. Do nothesitate to give me a call and we can discuss your specific needs inperson free of charge. If you are in Bristol or Bath it is easy for me to arrange a meeting with you.  

 Roofing in bristol - Before and After

I can arrange for your scaffolding to be set up at your property
Setting up a safe environment to carry out roofing tasks is important at all times.When there is extensive roofing work involved a Scaffolding will need to be set up. This is something that I can arrange for you and you will see receive the cost estimate for this service along in your detailed free quote.

Chimney Stack Repairs

I also carry out chimney stack repairs around bristol and can fix leaking chimney stacks. Below is a picture of chimney with a freshly rendered coating. For more information about rendering and related pictures (also on roofwork renderings) please see rendering

Chimney Stack Rendering


Fascia, soffits and gutters

Roofing work can also involve refreshing fascia, bargeboards, gutters and down pipeswith a new coat of paint or replacing them with brand new ones. 

I can stop your leaks and refresh or replace gutters, soffits and fascia

 I will be happy to hear from you and help out with your roofing project. Contact me with any enquiries you may have