External wall renderingWall Rendering is an all over coating on an external or internal wall surface. External wall rendering goes a long way in helping against internal condensation and combats against penetrating damp.

A nice external render coating helps in keeping the house insulated reducing your heating costs. Please take a look at some of my past rendering work on various home improvement projects in Bristol.

In the picture to the right I am working my way downwards covering the exposed brickwork with a fresh coating. This work is later completed with a rough finishing effect on the wall. Higher quality rendering is achieved on dry weather conditions. 


Prevent damp penetration by re-rendering hollow areas on your wall


Damp penetration can be avoided by first identifying if there are any hollow render areas in your external wall. When such areas are identified, the old render is taken off the wall and replaced with new wall rendering. Before placing the render mix on the wall, I treat the area with a liquid called SBR. This helps bind the render tighter to the body and helps keep penetrating damp to the exterior.

It is important that the rendering covers all the brickwork with no hollow patches to achieve the best insulation results.   

Here are some more rendering projects I have been involved in for Bristol homeowners

Internal wall skimming External wall rendering
Roof parapet renderingRough Finish Rendering Chimney Rendering Roofwork renderings - [Ridge tiles bedding/parapet rendering/chimney patches rendering/lead work]

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